Published: 03.01.2022

Latvijas Banka's Statistical Programme for 2022 and Medium-Term Statistical Work Programme for 2023–2025 have been published.

The statistical priorities for 2022 include both providing the statistics and drafting relevant legislation. Latvijas Banka will ensure the compilation and publication of the statistics on card-based payment transactions sent as well as Latvia's data collected within the framework of the Fourth Household Finance and Consumption Survey. In view of the new Law on Latvijas Banka taking effect on 1 January 2023, Latvijas Banka will develop requirements and procedures regarding the availability for research purposes of statistical data allowing for indirect identification of the statistical data providers as well as recommendations for imposing sanctions in the field of statistics. Pursuant to the new Law, the currently effective Latvijas Banka regulation for compiling and submitting statistical data will also be re-issued.

The statistical priorities for 2023 are related to optimisation of the reporting burden on individual groups of statistical data providers submitting the "Quarterly Financial Report (1-FP)" to Latvijas Banka, as well as implementation of new statistical requirements in the field of investment fund and insurance corporation statistics.